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Learn statistics by dynamic graphs!

"Learn Statistics" (LearnStat) is a statistics education software on iphone. As the saying goes, "A graph is worth a thousand words". Instead of tedious textbooks, LearnStat uses dynamic graphs to give users intuitive and quick understanding of difficult statistical concepts.

LearnStat is also a data analysis tool for students and researchers.  All its graphs and output are consistent with statistics software, e.g., SPSS, JMP. Teachers can use this tool to teach students how to conduct statistical data analysis. If you have already used those software sometime, you will feel pretty comfortable to this software. Now you can do data analysis anytime and anywhere on iphone.

The following topics are included:

- Histogram
- Descriptive statistics
- Quantiles
- Box-and-whisker plot
- One sample t-test
- Two sample t-test
- Matched-Pair t-test
- Regression
- Contingency table / Chi-Square test
- Distributions
* binomial
* poisson
* geometic
* negative binomial
* normal
* student's t
* chi-square
* exponential
* F distribution

And support CSV/TXT file importing via:

* WiFi
* URL download
* Open in other app like Mail, MobileMe, DropBox.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, please send email to go2stat (at) gmail.com. Lets improve this software together.