iPad App

Statistics Visualizer for iPad (nicknamed StatViz) is a dynamic data visualization and analysis tool for students and researchers.  This app provides dynamic graphs, statistic calculations with detailed explanations for the results and more.
The following topics are included:

- Histogram
- Descriptive statistics
- Quantiles
- Box-and-whisker plot
- One sample t-test
- Two sample t-test
- Matched-Pair t-test
- Regression
- Contingency table / Chi-Square test
- Distributions

Same as the iphone version, the iPad app can read CSV or TAB delimited TXT files, file formats that almost all databases and applications like Excel or Numbers can export to.  The app supports importing files through various ways:

* iTunes file sharing
* WiFi
* URL download
* Open in other app like Mail, MobileMe, DropBox. 

Buy it in iTunes today! And if you do, please post a review or rating in iTunes; it doesn’t matter if you like the app or not because as long as you’ve tried using it, I love to get your feedback!

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