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Q: How to purchase data analytics feature inside StatViz?
A: Through in-app purchase. You can tap the price button in the app to purchase.  The app will connect to the App Store to securely process payments.  App Store will prompt you to authorize the payment, then notify you when purchase is done.  Differed by network speed, it may take 1 or 2 seconds delay to receive the confirm message.  If you leave the app during purchase, you will get confirm message next time you launch the app.

Q: I accidentally deleted my app. Do I need to purchase again?
A: No. The purchase information is always on your iPad.  Just re-download StatViz free app from App Store, you will have data analytics feature automatically.  If you formatted OS on your iPad, the purchase information might be lost.  In that case, you can go through the in-app purchase process again.  Since App Store has your past purchase record in your iTunes account, you won't be charged twice by Apple.

Q: How to import csv files via iTunes File Sharing?
A: To import your comma delimited CSV or TAB delimited TXT files to this app, just connect your iPad to your computer, via the Dock Connector USB cable; iTunes 9.1 will display a File Sharing section in the Apps tab of your device; then you can drag and drop your files to this directory from your computer. 

Q: Does the csv file need a header row?
A: Yes, a typical csv file looks like this:

... (more lines)

Q: I want to treat a numeric column as a categorical variable. Is it possible?
A: StatViz automatically recognizes column types from the guessing rows (default as first 100 rows). You can put quotes on the data to indicate the column as categorical, e.g.,


In the previous example, the column, Year, will be treated as categorical.  Remember, you only need to put quotes at the second row to indicate the whole column as a categorical variable.

Q: What is guessing row?
A: This app scans the number of guessing rows to determine the data type for each column. For example, the default number of guessing row is 100, so the app will scan the first 100 rows of the data to determine data types for each column. If for any particular column the first 100 rows contain all numbers (such as 3.3, 4.92, 2.0, 5, 3.1, etc.) or blank cells, it will assign that variable as numeric type. If any data other than numeric are read in that column after row 100, it will prompt an error message. However, if within the first 100 rows any non-numeric data are found (such as the characters 'NA', 'M'), it will assign that variable to be categorical. The number of guessing rows can be modified from its default value of 100 in the Settings application. And this value must be integer and greater than zero.

Q: Can I type in data set on iPad?
Yes, the recent update of StatViz adds a simple spreadsheet editor into the app.  So you can direct type in data and save as csv file in the ipad app. 

Q: Why error code 264 when loading file on iPad?
Very few customers have reported error code 264 when loading their csv or txt files. The error code 264 means the program cannot recognize the encoding of file. It may happens on some files with foreign language. If you also get this problem, just save your data from excel as "Unicode text (UTF 16)" then it will work.  You can find this "Unicode text" option in the drop-down list of the "save as" dialog in the excel.

Any other questions? Just send email to go2stat (at) gmail.com. We will reply you in 24hrs.